Eating Bee Larvae in China

They eat strange things in China.

When I’m in China, I like to eat strange things too.


I suppose it depends on just how strange it is. Michael, an interpret blogger for, recently traveled to the Yunnan Province in China where he indulged in a very strange delicacy indeed: Bee Larvae.

First, however, he made sure to visit the very wild, very surreal Stone Forest near Kunming before stopping by a local restaurant that served “crickets and grasshoppers and caterpillars, and some weird wormy maggot bug.” Mmm….

Then it was on to the bee larvae. Michael describes the deep fried delicacy as looking a bit like meal worms. He never really explains the taste, but does mention that they were “crispy, crunchy” and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Frankly, he could have been a bit more descriptive in his culinary adventure as I’m still not too sure what the little buggers tasted like. His photos, however, are well worth a visit to the website–unless, of course, you’re the squeamish type.

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