Pilot stalks ex-girlfriend with his plane

If any guy (or gal) thinks buzzing an ex-main squeeze’s house in an airplane is a way to gain favor, think again. It’s most definitely NOT. It is a way to get arrested though. Who can ignore a low flying plane, particularly when the plane continues to fly over the same house, again and again and again and again?

Tom Huey demonstrated this point on Wednesday night, thus adding one more behavior to the list of what a person shouldn’t do when someone says, “It’s over.” Huey buzzed his ex-girlfriend’s house in Concord, California several times which prompted neighbors to call the police.

As it turns out, Huey may have been at it for longer than Wednesday night. A low flying plane has been bothering that neighborhood for a year.

Perhaps Huey wondered just what he’d have to do to get arrested and truly get his ex’s attention. Bingo.

Now he has a hefty bail and could end up with a felony on his record.

Too bad Huey didn’t use his Beech single-engine aircraft for a better use. Think of the nifty lick-ones-wounds weekend trips he could have taken with a friend. Too bad he didn’t read Franz Wisner’s book Honeymoon with My Brother. Wisner was dumped right before his wedding and turned that into a personal growth experience through an around-the-world trip.

What a waste of a pilot’s license. Of course, I’m glad that Huey is no longer flying the skies and people in Concord can have a decent night’s sleep–particularly the ex.