BeerMapping, Mapping Beer for the Thirsty

Need help planning a pub crawl? Want some assistance finding a beer store for your upcoming spring break destination? Grab your bottle opener and head to the Beer Mapping Project.

Mashing together Google maps and several beer-lovers websites, the beermapping project aims to plot beer bars, brew pubs, breweries, beer stores, and homebrew stores on an easy-to-read map. This way, the next time you’re at one of those boring conventions, far from home, you can easily learn where the nearest beer bars are (or, alternatively, where the greatest concentration of beer bars in the city is), call a cab, and head on over. It’s easier than saying “gulp.”

Currently, not all cities in North America are represented, though entering your city in the Location Lookup may still return results. Since my town isn’t represented, I searched the listings for Atlanta, since I grew up there. Though there are a lot of locations mapped in Atlanta, I was disappointed to see my favorite bar in Atlanta — Euclid Avenue Yacht Club — mysteriously missing. Rest easy, beer drinkers: I sent in a tip.

[Via Mapperz]