Be A Guest That is Welcome to Come Again

For us, staying with friends and relatives is part of our trips. Not all the time, but often. Part of going from here to there that interests is to stop in for a visit with people we’ve become friends with over the years. Not only do we get a chance to catch up, but we get the insiders view of where they live. They know the fun places to go that don’t show up in guidebooks and we get to see things through their viewpoint. Since they don’t run for cover when they see us coming, I suppose they enjoy our visits.

Here are some rules I read in an article culled from a variety of sources that give some hints on what to do to be a guest that your hosts will be happy to see again. Several are mentioned in this tip sheet from

  • Three days is generally the maximum time for a visit (There are exceptions. Clarify beforehand)
  • Pick up after yourself and take the bedding off before you leave
  • Gifts are swell. Bring one. It doesn’t need to be expensive. (I bring gifts for kids in the family also.)
  • Write a thank-you note (I read once you can write it and leave it on the pillow or dresser)
  • If you break it, offer to pay for it.
  • Don’t make their refrigerator yours. Ask first before nibbling away.

Here are some more tips to make the visit run smoothly.