Sierra Club Looking For Two Interns For Best Internship On Earth

Over the past couple of years, the Sierra Club’s Best Internship on Earth has given one very lucky student an opportunity to travel the U.S. while helping spread the Club’s message of exploring and protecting the outdoors. The summer internship is a mix of adventure, activism and media production that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Past candidates have blogged about their travels, shared photos and video from the road and served as a Sierra Club representative to a number of high profile events. The program has been so successful in fact that this year the Club is actually looking for two candidates to take on the job.

As in previous years, the two interns will have all of their travel expenses paid while they spend the summer crisscrossing the country, taking part in all kinds of activities. They’ll also earn a modest salary and receive $1000 worth of gear from The North Face to keep them well equipped for their adventures. In return, they’ll document their experiences by writing blog posts and creating videos from the road.

The program offers the opportunity for students to pick up some valuable skills in a number of areas. For instance, while creating the videos they’ll learn to operate cameras, shoot footage and edit it into something coherent. They’ll also gain experience in front of the camera, polishing important communications skills. They’ll even get to witness Sierra Club advocacy efforts first hand, giving them a behind the scenes look at all that entails.

The internship will last ten weeks, running from June to August. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age by May 15 of this year and be currently enrolled in college or have recently completed a two- or four-year degree. Interested students can apply online with all applications due by April 9. To find out more, check out the Best Internship on Earth webpage.

[Photo Credit: Kraig Becker]