Bike and cruise options for Alaska and Caribbean

Here’s a cruise option that combines two different elements: biking and cruise ship amenities. The company Bike and Cruise, paired with Norwegian Cruise Lines offers unique vacation options in Alaska, Europe and the Caribben. Each day the ship takes you to a new port where you set off on your bicycle to enjoy the sights and scenery.

The cycling portion is led by an expert cyclist which certainly has benefits. The beauty of this sort of bicycling trip is that you don’t have to schlep all you gear with you. Plus, after a hard day of cycling, there’s a hot tub to enjoy, oodles of food options and all the rest of the amenities on a ship.

According to the Bike and Cruise trip descriptions, when you’re on the ship, you’re able to do what you want and eat with who you want to spend time with. It’s not like you have to be with just the people who are part of your tour group.

Years ago, I did an organized cycling trip in Western Australia. Except for the fact that, in order to take the trip, I chaperoned 20 high school-aged kids, mostly boys, it was grand, particularly on the days I was able to head off alone. Even fifteen minutes can work wonders.

I read in the Columbus Dispatch travel briefs that the Alaska cruise is to sail from Seattle on June 28th and the trip goes until July 5. The website reflects the 2008 dates, so if you’re interested, contact the company. The cruise dates for the Caribbean and Europe are not yet listed either.