The Dutch bike bar is beer + sightseeing

It is no secret that The Netherlands is where you go if you don’t like being tied down by rules. You can drink beer in public, smoke a joint in one of the many coffeeshops and even visit the red light district for some legal prostitution.

The Dutch are also very mobile people – bikes are everywhere, and the infrastructure in the country is often designed around making things as comfortable as possible for bike riders.

So, what do you get when you combine liberal alcohol laws with a passion for biking? Well, you get the bike bar.

These bars are becoming pretty popular for parties and other events. They can be stationary if you just want an extra bar at your celebration, or you can actually pedal through town on them, while drinking beer from its on-board beer tap and 50 liter keg.

The bike bar has been in the news lately because of a couple of minor accidents, and some Dutch municipalities have banned them from their towns. Amsterdam also had its fair share of trouble, but didn’t ban them, choosing to map out a fixed route and permissible times instead.

So, next time you find yourself in The Netherlands with a bunch of your friends, why not rent one of these and fill yourself up on some decent Dutch beer. Or, if you don’t mind traveling to Minnesota, you’ll be able to rent one from the US version of the beer bike – the PedalPub.