Photo of the Day (8.15.10)

Hats off to Flickr user Flavio@Flickr (on and off during August), whose great eye and quick fingers caught this moment of billboard silliness in Israel. A giant advertising display isn’t typically cause for its own photo, but Flavio proves how to make it work. When you’re out taking photos on your next trip, don’t think of your camera’s subject in isolation. Instead, think of how that simple building or billboard could “interact” with the people in the frame to create a great story for the audience.

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Photo of the Day (11-17-09)

This juxtaposition of images in Andrey Dorokhov’s shot taken in Glasgow, Scotland is one that attests to the importance of having a terrific eye–and being at the right angle at the right moment. The interplay between light and shadow also adds interest and texture. The woman’s gaze may stay steady forever–just like the statue will hold its stance. But how long will the bird be a willing subject?

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What happens in Orlando?

Orlando and Las Vegas have long been two of our nation’s tourism capitals, but for very different reasons. Orlando is the family-friendly destination of Mickey Mouse and Shrek. Las Vegas on the other hand, is Orlando’s more hedonistic friend, with a reputation for Blackjack tables, topless revues and 24-hour nightlife.

But as Jaunted points out, apparently the good people at the Orlando tourism office don’t think the differences are vast enough. When the Travel Industry Association came to Vegas recently for their annual meeting, Orlando couldn’t resist a “friendly shot” at their rivals, placing the above billboard near the McCarran airport. I think they were trying remind travel industry visitors about the squeaky-clean good times to be had in Orlando, but they may have missed the slogan’s unintended double entendre for Vegas visitors.

Orlando stays with you forever? Yikes.

Kingfisher to Jet Airways: We Changed You!!

This is cool.

Kingfisher, a lovely Indian beer and airline, took note of a competing airline’s billboard and responded to it with their own. “We’ve changed,” the Jet Airways billboard says. Kingfisher responds with a billboard of their own reading, “We made them change!!” And a guy in a green shirt on another billboard looks away as if nothing happened. [via]