New Bing Maps feature takes the guessing out of taxi cab fares

Bing maps just introduced a really cool feature for travelers – cab fare mapping and pricing. The feature covers 54 cities around the world, including many major tourist destinations. Simply enter your region, departure and arrival points, and Bing will provide a route and estimated fare.

In the few tests I threw at it, the calculation seemed very accurate, and it takes all parts of the fee into account, including the initial charge. What it won’t calculate are special costs like curbside pickup and luggage fees. It also does not appear to calculate tolls into its estimate.

Still, if you are heading somewhere and need an idea of how much a cab ride will cost, this is a very convenient tool, and one that could potentially save you some money if you need to pick the best way to get from A to B.

The new feature is part of the King of Bing Maps competition, which resulted in some pretty neat map tools. Click here for the cab fare tool, and take it for a spin to see whether its results are reliable.

(Via: Mashable)