Photo Of The Day: Alhambra’s Palacio De Carlos V

Capturing a stunning combination of architecture and weather, Flickr user Mike Rowe took this black and white photo at the palace of Charles V, contained within the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain.

Commissioned as a royal residence close to the Alhambra palace, the 16th-century building is a square, two-level structure done in the Renaissance style. It’s also home to two museums: the Museo de la Alhambra and the Museo de Bellas Artes. With this photo perspective, you certainly get a feel for the grandiose scope the building.

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Baltimore photos in black and white by Patrick Joust

Patrick Joust, a distinguished photographer from Baltimore, has recently released one of his latest sets of Baltimore photos. Black and white, these photos, titled ‘Street’, capture people and places around town. And I am especially fond of this photo set. I was born in Baltimore and I have spent time regularly throughout my life going back to the city to visit my extended family. It’s been apparent to me since I was young that Baltimore isn’t always the softest of cities, with well-documented struggles with crime and highly contrasted economic social classes. Some of these photos by Joust depict these struggles, but some of these photos also depict something else–an unmistakable sense of contentedness no matter general circumstance. Well, that’s what I see, at least. What do you see?

Check out the full photo set here.

Photo of the Day (3-4-09)

This black and white photo by Bryson Gilbert reminds me that the birds will soon be on the move. By April, Ohio is filled with birds coming from the south, many on their way across Lake Erie to Canada–warblers in particular. These geese are in Toronto, Canada waiting for the rest of the ice to melt. There is a certain stillness in their stance as they wait. Yes, spring will happen. Not today, but soon.

One detail about this shot, I find so lovely is the twigs of the branches. Bryson noticed it too. As he wrote, he feels like he was spying. This shot is titled: The Secret Life of Geese.

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