Daily deal – Black and Decker 20 Watt portable charger

Today’s daily deal is for the Black and Decker Pocket Power 20 watt charger.

This portable charger has an internal battery pack, and an integrated inverter that turns battery power into AC power and a standard USB port. With these 2 charging methods, you’ll be able to charge and power small gadgets using their own AC adapter or a USB charging cable. The device has enough capacity to power devices that draw up to 20 watts, which means almost any mobile phone,mp3 player, PDA or other small device. It will not power a laptop or any other high power appliance.

The Black and Decker 20 watt portable power charger is currently on sale for just $14.95 at Amazon.com. Amazon customers with a Prime account will get free shipping, all other customers will have to pay shipping or purchase enough to reach the $25 threshold for free shipping.

If you don’t already carry a gadget like this, I can highly recommend purchasing one. If you ever run out of power on your mobile phone or iPod, you simply plug it into this unit. The internal battery pack has enough juice for about 2-3 full charges on most small gadgets.

(via: Fatwallet.com)