Traveling Sketchbook, Stationary People, Interesting Project

Better traveled than many people, Blank is a traveling, collaborative sketchbook journal. For most of the 2005 calendar year, the first book of Blank roamed the country, slowly getting its pages filled with all kinds of glorious doodles, oddball doohickeys, and loving color. Upon conclusion of its journey, the creators scanned the innards of the book and uploaded them for all the world to see.

Book II free-wheeled it through most of 2006. Again, its contents are online.

Books III and IV have hit the road. With dreams of crossing international borders, the end result(s) will no doubt be even more amazing.

If you’re interested in participating in a collaborative art project in which you stay put while the art comes to you, send Blank an email — or read about the similar-yet-slightly-different project Chookooloonks is cooking up.