Popular blind French eatery in Europe debuts in New York this month

The popular French eatery where patrons are served by blind waiters in complete darkness has been a complete success in Europe. On December 9, 2011, the restaurant will try its luck in the United States, making a debut in New York.

Right now, Dans Le Noir has locations in Paris, London, Moscow, Barcelona, and St. Petersburg. While a bit bizarre, the concept is actually educational as well, as people get to have a unique dining experience while learning what it’s like to be visually impaired. Dining at Dans Le Noir is also, in essence, a live show, as guests are entertained by the staff and space.

So, how does it work? After being welcomed in the bar area and signing a waiver, guests choose a surprise dinner menu based on their dietary restrictions. For example, if you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat or fish you would choose the “Green” menu. This also means that you will not be choosing your wines but will be guided by the restaurant’s French wine expert, Christophe Garnier. Before being led into the pitch black dining area, lockers are available to put your possessions (you are not permitted to bring in anything that gives off light), and guests are advised to use the restrooms for safety reasons. From there, a guide will lead you into complete darkness, where you will spend the rest of the night eating, drinking, and talking without being able to see a thing.

Sound like fun? Click here for more information. Also, if you’d like to make a booking for the restaurant’s grand opening in New York, click here.