The Latvian way to fix the economy? Hot blondes!

The world is in a global economic meltdown, but Latvia is suffering a bit more than most other nations – their economy is expected to shrink by 16% this year.

Some countries have introduced financial measures to get things back on track, others have been forced to simply sit back and wait for the worst to blow over.

Latvia is not one of them – their economic stimulus package is brilliant, and involves declaring May 31st “national blondes day”

The event was organized to cheer up the nation, and raise money for a charity. The event started with a parade, and other activities included a golf tournament, fashion show and an evening ball.

I’d say this is the kind of event that every country should consider. Perhaps May 31st could become a worldwide blondes day. Even if it doesn’t fix the economy, it certainly will spice things up a little.

Take a beer trip around the world in Washington DC

I love beer. For me, beer is also a drink that goes hand-in-hand with travel. It’s available just about everywhere from Asia to America to Africa, yet no two places are alike when it comes to the preferred local brand. One of the first things I do when I arrive in a new place is try out the local beer. My reaction is usually a good sign of things to come. Is the beer watered-down and tasteless? Not a good sign for the rest of my trip.

Thankfully this past weekend I found myself in Washington DC, home of the beer paradise that is The Brickskeller. This beer institution in our nation’s capital has one of the most extensive beer lists anywhere in the world, boasting a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with over 1,000 offerings in-house. Ever tried a smoked beer from Germany? Take a pick from their numerous list. Wonder what beer from Ecuador tastes like? Not good. Looking for a classic Belgian Trappist beer? The Brickskeller has got you covered there too. There are so many beer choices at The Brickskeller that you’ll be full (or drunk) before you even scratch the surface.

If you find yourself absorbing some culture in Washington this summer, head up to the city’s DuPont Circle neighborhood and sample a few bottles of your favorite domestic or foreign brew. And make sure to try a few you’ve never heard of – it’s sure to impress your globetrotting friends.

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