Gadling TAKE FIVE– June 28 – July 4

In the traveler’s world it’s been a bit of drama this week. Plus, there have been lessons in traveling with a wider perspective and an open heart.

On the drama end:

  • Iva reported on passengers in China refusing to get off a plane because the flight was canceled.
  • In his Letter from Albania series, Jeff presented an intimate look at blood feuds through the experiences of people he has talked with in his travels there.
  • From Anna we heard about the drunken Swede who tried to row back home from Denmark
  • Grant told us about British Airways passengers who thought the smell of curry meant there were terrorists

On the wider perspective and open heart end:

  • Read Part 3 of Jerry’s “Talking Travel with Patricia Schultz,” the author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die. As she says at the end of the interview, “Life is short–get off the couch.”
  • And, after you’re off the couch, pick up a copy of Sacred Places of Goddess,108 Destinations by Karen Tate who specializes in openness.