“Deep Throat” parking garage gets a historical marker

Watergate. The Washington political scandal that made stars of Woodward, Bernstein, and “Deep Throat,” resulted in the resignation of Richard Nixon, and has since lent its suffix to thousands of scandals has a new landmark. It’s in a parking garage.

Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward met with Watergate whistleblower Mark Felt (aka “Deep Throat”) six times from October 1972 to November 1973 in the parking garage under the office building located at 1401 Wilson Boulevard and North Nash Street in Rosslyn, Virginia (just over the bridge from DC). Although it has been more than 37 years since the Watergate scandal broke and six years since FBI officer Felt revealed himself to be “Deep Throat,” Arlington County erected a permanent, historical marker at the entrance to the garage only this week. The exact parking space where the pair met is number 32D.

While it remains to be seen whether the Rosslyn garage will merit a stop on a DC Scandals Tour – seriously, it’s just a parking garage – the permanent marker is a nice gesture toward recognizing journalists and whistleblowers and the often tedious work they must do to reveal the truth.

To learn more about the “Deep Throat” parking garage marker, check out this video news report from Tom Sherwood of Washington’s NBC News 4.