Product review – BodyGuardz device protection film

In today’s product review I’m going to introduce you to BodyGuardz.

are a device protection film designed to stick to your phone, PDA or MP3 player, safeguarding it from scratches. The film is made from a special kind of plastic film that is virtually indestructible, it is the same plastic used in the automotive industry to protect the front of your car from rocks and other abrasive elements.

The film is specially cut to fit the exact dimensions of your device, and is applied unlike any other protection film I’ve ever used. To apply, you use the included spray (which is a mix of water and baby shampoo). The first step is to clean your device, then you can apply each piece of film one at a time.

If you have ever applied a screen protector to your PDA in the past, you’ll know that it can be a massive pain in the backside, but because the BodyGuardz films go on damp, it is extremely forgiving.

In fact, if you completely mess up and apply the film crooked, you can simply slide it around to get a perfect fit or remove it and try again.
It took me a little time to get the courage to apply the product, but it turned out to be much easier than I had expected. I removed the battery from my Blackberry and cleaned it with a lint-free cloth. I then started with the front pieces of film (one for the screen and one for the sides). Once I had a perfect fit, I used the included squeegee to squeeze out any excess moisture. As soon as I got the hang of it, I had the back of my device done in a matter of minutes.

The hardest part of installing the film is the corners, the film does not stick very well to the corners when it is damp. The manual was clearly prepared for this, because it recommends letting the film dry a few minutes before trying to get the corners to stick correctly.

The end result is actually quite amazing; I now have a Blackberry with an extremely tough plastic protection layer, without it taking up any extra space. Because the film is so thin, my Blackberry still fits in my leather holster and my desktop charger.

BodyGuardz come with a lifetime replacement warranty, and each pack comes with 2 sets of film. BodyGuardz are available for over 100 devices. Protection is available for your phone, PDA, MP3 player, game console, digital camera and even several versions for laptop computers.

Prices start at just $14.95, and all orders are shipped free. BodyGuardz keeps up with new developments in the market, and constantly add products for the newest devices (like the upcoming T-mobile G1 and the Blackberry Bold).

It has been several hours since I applied the BodyGuardz product to my Blackberry, and now all the moisture has evaporated, you can barely tell my phone is wrapped in a protective layer. I’m quite bad to my gadgets, and they get thrown around more than they should, so I’m quite happy knowing that I’ve added a little bit of protection.