Boingo and Samsung team up for a WiFi enabled camera – and you can win one!

Two of my favorite technology firms have teamed up to bring travelers a new product – the Samsung CL80 digital camera. This innovative camera features built in WiFi, and can wirelessly transfer your photos any time it is in range of a Boingo WiFi hotspot. To celebrate the launch, Boingo is giving away four of these cameras, worth $399 each.

The CL80 shoots photos in 14.2 megapixels and features a 7x optical zoom, 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen, face detection and HD movie recording.

Boingo should not require an introduction, but if you’ve never heard of them, all you need to know is that a Boingo account lets you connect to thousands of WiFi hotspots all around the world, for a single monthly fee.

During a summer vacation, a Boingo account can earn itself back in one day – especially in hotels that still dare charge upwards of $25 for a day-pass.

To enter the Boingo contest, you’ll need to share one of your favorite photos in one of four categories – Boingo Hotspot, Travel, Technology and Happiness. To add a photo, head on over to the Boingo contest gallery and click add photo. The contest description and rules can be found here. And while you are sorting through your best photos, don’t forget to enter the Gadling summer photo contest, presented by Tamrac.

Boingo Wi-Fi Credits for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad offers connectivity on the go

Boingo just released a new app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – their second application for the platform. In this newly released app, you can purchase Wi-Fi connectivity credits on the go – using your App store credits or stored payment method. Credits are good for a single hour of access.

Credits can be purchased in blocks of one, or ten (with a buy ten get one free promo). Best of all, the app comes with one free credit.

By linking the Wi-Fi credit purchase with your existing app store payment method, you won’t need to reach for a credit card or worry about having to enter a new payment method on the road. Credits are just treated as an in-app purchase, like many other add-ons for App store purchases.The application manages the purchases, and also acts as a hotspot finder.

The new Boingo Wi-Fi credits app can be found in the App store. If you plan to use Boingo more than a couple of hours a month, you’ll be better off with their smartphone plan – which offers unlimited worldwide access for just $7.95/month.