Mango scare at Columbus airport

The bomb squad at the Columbus, Ohio airport simply was not trained for the task. It’s not their fault: after all, few pickled mangoes have actually exploded. Nonetheless, there’s bound to be some sort of inquiry about the produce risk in today’s airports.

When x-ray equipment detected something suspicious, the bomb squad was summoned. The concern arose from the fact that an item was sealed in a canister labeled “baby food.” This, in itself, wouldn’t have been a problem, but the women’s description of the contents didn’t match the label.

The bomb squad actually did detonate the item, which is when they discovered the non-volatile contents.

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Johnny Knoxville’s unarmed grenade not a hit at LAX

Professional jackass Johnny Knoxville must not have realized there weren’t any cameras around. While trying to board a 7 AM flight from Los Angeles to Miami on Thursday, the TSA detained the actor comedian (what is he, anyway?). The authorities suspected that he had a hand grenade in his carry-on. Worse, it probably wasn’t in a clear plastic bag.

The LAPD Bomb Squad was summoned to address the situation, and they determined the hand-grenade had no explosives or firing pin,” according to a report on MSNBC. Knoxville claims that the device was a prop from a photo shoot and that he’d forgotten it in his bag.

Maybe he should stick to traveling by shopping cart; the rules aren’t quite so strict.