See the Museum of Modern Art in two minutes

Ever visited New York City’s Museum of Modern Art? It’s quite possibly the world’s greatest museum for art lovers – harboring numerous masterpieces from painters including Picasso, Pollack and Warhol, among others. But it’s also quite overwhelming. If you’ve never been, prepare to be overwhelmed by thousands of different works across multiple floors, ranging from sculpture to photography to film and special exhibits. You will be exhausted when you leave.

That’s where this neat video comes in. Someone took the time to create a video montage of every single piece of art in the museum’s painting gallery in April 2010, collapsing the experience into a YouTube video just over two minutes in length. It’s a dizzying reminder of just how much this great museum has to offer. Whether you’ve already gone or have yet to visit, take a minute to enjoy one of the world’s great collections of modern art.

[Via Metafilter]

Photo of the Day (2.15.09)

Flickr user Pirano got this great shot of the clock tower in Ljubljana, Slovenia reflected in a nearby window. There’s a lot to like here, particularly the way the window panes break up the original image into sections. It’s also interesting how the dirtier panes also change the reflections, adding additional tone and texture. It reminds me of an old cubist painting by Braque or Picasso.

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