Some German airports shut because of Iceland volcano

Ash from the Icelandic volcano Grimsvötn that caused hundreds of flight cancellations in the UK, Denmark, and Norway yesterday has now moved over Germany, shutting down airports in the north of the country.

Hamburg and Bremen airports are closed. Berlin airport will probably close this morning as well. At least 600 flights are expected to be affected.

Poland may also be affected today but otherwise flights in, out, and around Europe should be operating. There may be knock-on delays because of the disruption in Germany so check ahead before going to the airport.

In better news, Grimsvötn has stopped erupting. Let’s hope it keeps behaving.

Have you been affected by the volcanic ash? Feel free to vent in the comments section!

[Micrograph of volcanic ash courtesy US Geological Survey]

UPDATE: (9:23 EDT) The BBC is reporting that Hamburg, Bremen, and Berlin airports have reopened. About 700 flights were cancelled.

Flying Ryanair no cup of tea: Poland flight diverted to Germany

When wackiness hits the European skies, it’s usually safe to guess that Ryanair is somehow involved. A British plane from this discount carrier had to land in Germany – rather than in Poland, its intended destination – because a passenger couldn’t keep her tea in her cup.

The 56-year-old British woman spilled hot tea on herself, according to German police, forcing the flight from Liverpool to Poznan to make an unanticipated stop in Bremen. She was treated for scalding, according to Reuters, and released. But, her plane left without her. So, she finished her journey by train, which was probably much more comfortable.

Hey, come to think it, even hot tea on your lap is probably better than flying Ryanair …

[Photo by bigpresh via Flickr]