Best Beaches in Britain

In about a month, Britain will stop being a gray, dreary, rain-soaked pit of depression, and will re-emerge as a great to place to visit — lush, green and beautiful in the Spring (thanks mostly to all that miserable rain). If you’re planning on heading that direction anytime before Fall, you might be interested in a trip to the beach.

But how do you choose? And what’s so great about British beaches, anyway?

Says the Times Online, “Not sunbathing: we can go to the south of France for that. And not concrete-clad resorts full of forced fun, either. No, we want scenery – scenery so wild, it scours the soul. We want sheer cliffs, hard sand and not a soul for miles.”

The article then goes on to highlight a few of the country’s most beautiful, relatively un-trafficked beaches — all of which you won’t find in the UK government’s tourism directory.

Well worth reading if you’re into nature, and like to steer clear of tourist traps.