Daily Pampering: British Airways’ Club World service from London City to JFK

Thirty-two seats is all that your business-class-only jet will host on your journey from New York City to the heart of London, England. The aircraft, an Airbus A318, has been outfitted by British Airways specifically for this purpose – as a posh, express service between two of the hippest, strongest, richest activity centers of the world.

From JFK, the experience will begin far before getting on the aircraft at the British Airways Terraces Lounge, where passengers can choose to have a full dinner prior to even boarding the flight over the pond. Once onboard, one can elect to skip dinner and sleep through the flight’s entirety, or eat another dinner and be stirred for a breakfast of choice.

Each business class seat reclines into a fully flat bed, and with a smaller cabin, guests are guaranteed a quieter journey, better attention from the crew and a better night’s sleep on the journey across the Atlantic.

But the best part of the whole operation is the arrival at London City Airport, a terminal normally reserved for smaller “narrow-body” aircraft. This airport’s proximity to the city makes the journey into your meeting a breeze, with a quick connection on the DLR as opposed to the time consuming Gatwick and Heathrow connections. And time saved is money saved.

On the way back from London, a brief stop in Ireland is required to top off fuel and barrel through US Customs. As a result, passengers arriving back n the states are rewarded with a direct deplane and easy access back into the city — all without any customs ruckus.

You can read more about the service and book tickets at British Airways’ site.