150 people overcome by heat at Chicago Megabus stop

While waiting at Chicago’s Union Station for a delayed Megabus, 150 people had to be treated for heat exhaustion. The temperature in Chicago was in the mid 90’s yesterday, and because nobody wanted to lose their place in line, passengers stood out in the sun while they waited for the bus.

Of course, it is easy to blame the passengers for being unprepared for the heat, but cooled shelters, or a more streamlined boarding procedure could have easily prevented this.

The Chicago fire department had to come to the rescue of the passengers, and a CTA public transit bus was brought in to help cool them down. After being cooled down, the passengers were able to board the delayed bus, and nobody needed further medical attention.

BusJunction offers comprehensive one-stop shopping for budget bus lines

We’ve covered budget bus lines before here on Gadling. One of their biggest disadvantages was always the lack of a central booking site like you’ll find for airline tickets.

That just changed with the launch of BusJunction.

This convenient site offers easy to use booking tools for 12 different bus lines (Megabus, Bolt, Vamoose, DC2NY, Greyhound, Trailways, Peter Pan, Lakefront, Fung Wah, Lucky Star, Eastern Travel and New Century).

The site tells you which lines depart from your city, and to which destinations. You can link directly to the booking page of the bus service, get maps of the terminal location and even find which services are available on the bus (like Wi-Fi and power outlets).

All in all a very convenient service for people who have become bus addicts, or for people who are looking for a more affordable alternative to the car or airlines.