Detour Worth Making: New York’s Burp Castle

Though I live in South Florida, I have friends in New York City. Next time I’m there, I’m going to insist we visit the inelegantly-named but beautifully-decorated Burp Castle. With its friendly vibe, cozy atmosphere, and soothing music, the self-ordained Temple of Beer Worship sports a fantastic beer selection (9 taps; 80 bottles). Despite its clunky moniker, the Burp Castle is is not a frat-boy bar where they belt out Creed. Rather, it’s a low-key destination for enjoying fine conversation — and even finer beers. There’s even a sign discouraging patrons from getting unruly.

Located at 41 East 7th Street, the Burp Castle features amazingly detailed murals of beer-brewing monks worshiping what they love most: finely-crafted beer. Surrounded by beautiful wenches, the monks enjoy the fruits of their labor while being bitten by sharks, hiding in barrels, teetering on ships at sea, doing their taxes, and other decidedly un-monk-ish activities. Nevertheless, it appears that the whole thing works well, as the reviews of the Burp Castle are as warm as the hues of the murals.

[Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid]