Cabela’s – Wheeling, West Virginia

For the longest R.E.I. was the only outfitter that came to mind when pondering where to go to stock up on outdoor goods, but that has since changed. After breezing through West Virginia for a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel and visit to Cabela’s, I now know of another equally exciting place to gear up on gear. As me and my partners were pulling up into the lot, one of them was schooling us on how world famous Cabela’s was and low and behold there were a few visitors to the area snapping photo after photo. I thought I should snap a few too.

If I had to compare the interior to anything it would be a jungle, a tangled jungle of clothing, fishing equipment, hunting gear and almost anything and everything imaginable for the outdoor enthusiast. Cabela’s is more than just a store. One good walk around the showroom will reveal several small animal displays located throughout the store, but better than anything else is the area called Whitetail country. I’m not a huge fan of hunting, but it was interesting seeing this large display of deer in a realistic re-creation of their natural habitat. The buck doesn’t stop at animal displays though – swing in May 27-28, 2006 for French fries with Cabela’s seasonings.

Cabela’s in Wheeling is located at One Cabela Drive, Triadelphia, WV 26059. For a full listing of stores nationwide click here.