Chocolate thief to lose hands in Iran

Can you call it “sweet revenge?” Probably not …

A man convicted of robbing a candy store has been sentenced to have his hands chopped off. As if that isn’t enough to keep him from stealing, he’s also going to do a year in prison. The guy was arrested back in May, when the police found “$900 (£560), three pairs of gloves and a large amount of chocolate in his car,” the BBC reports.

So, if you find your way to Iran, bring a full wallet – or exercise some restraint. The BBC adds that amputation is usually only used in the cases of habitual thieves, but I don’t know that I’d roll the dice. If you want a candy bar, just buy it. Then, you’ll have the hands you need to eat it.

[from hapal via Flickr]

Like energy bars? Element Bars lets you design your own.

When I travel, I’ll usually have a couple of energy bars in my bag. They are the kind of thing that can be really handy after you have been stuck on the tarmac for 5 hours with nothing but a bag of nuts. Your average wellness store will have 100’s of different bars on their shelves, and it can be really hit or miss when it comes to finding the right bar.

Element Bars is taking a different approach to energy bars, by letting you design your own custom bar. You start by choosing the consistency of the bar (chewy, oaty, crispy or datey), then you add fruits, nuts, sweets (they offer the usual flavors like M&M and chocolate chips as well as some unique add-in’s like brown rice syrup and agave syrup). At the end, you add your boosts; whey protein, soy protein, immunity boosters, omega-3 or fiber.

The bars are all made from natural ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners. As you build your bar, the nutritional information panel is constantly updated helping you tweak your selections for the exact values you want.

What you end up with, is an energy bar made to your own specifications. The bars ship in packs of 12, and you’ll pay $36 and about $5 for shipping. Payments are done through Paypal.

Of course, you’ll have to be the judge of whether you think three and a half bucks is acceptable for an energy bar, plus you always run the risk of being disappointed in the bars you selected. Element Bars also offer a variety pack with 12 of their more popular flavors, which may be a good way to check out their products.

Price aside; being able to design and tweak products like this seems like a great idea, and I’m sure we’ll see other companies put the Internet to good use with more custom food in the future.