Those Growling Medieval Guys Might Be Right

A new report says those Capital One growling medieval guys might just be right when it comes to choosing which credit card to travel with. One insider has some tips on why and how to travel internationally with finesse.

I recommend the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card, or any other Capital One card, for travel abroad; [because] none of their cards carry foreign transaction fees,” says personal finance blogger David Seaman in a Business Insider report.

Seaman agrees with the common notion that using a major credit card is a good idea to get a better exchange rate. But urging travelers to check the fine print in credit card agreements, he warns, “many credit cards now charge a ‘foreign transaction fee’ on every single one of these purchases, which usually is around 3% to 4%. Although this isn’t bad for a cup of coffee, if you spend $200 or $300 in a weekend, that added fee begins to pile up rapidly.”

Another card not charging foreign transaction fees is the Discover card, also noted by Seaman. He suggests taking along a reasonable amount of currency, which can be converted into local currency, just in case there is a problem with a card – an issue that can happen to anyone.

Travel agents commonly advise calling the card company to let them know our plans any time travel takes us out of our normal spending area to avoid a red flagged transaction for secure card companies.

[Flickr photo by Images_of_Money]