Putting the voodoo in French presidential politics

With the American Presidential election less than two weeks away it’s practically impossible to get away from campaign news, so I figured we could all use a bit of international presidential gossip. And what president is better suited for gossip than Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy?

Earlier in the year he was the talk of the French nation for dating, and later marrying, ex-supermodel Carla Bruni. Now he’s back on the international radar for threatening to sue a publishing company if it does not get rid of the voodoo doll created in his honor, according to the BBC.

President Sarkozy is not a fan of the doll, which comes with pins and an instruction manual that includes how to put the evil eye on the president himself. The doll is also covered in quotes — which you can poke the pins into — including “get lost you jerk” which Sarkozy said to a bystander who once refused to shake his hand.

You might think that this was a partisan thing, but the publishing company apparently likes to “poke” fun at both sides of the political spectrum; they’ve also produced a similar doll in the for of Segolene Royal, Sarkozy’s Socialist party rival in the last election. She may not hold the same political ideals as Sarkozy, but she does agree with his stance on companies making fun of politicians: she is also threatening legal action.

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Nude images of Carla Bruni go for $91,000

Remember last month when French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s first official visit to the UK was shadowed by the nude pictures of his wife, Carla Bruni, that were being auctioned off by Christie’s? Well, those photos finally sold; for an unexpected $91,000.

That figure was more than 20 times the asking price, meaning that Bruni is a pretty sought after woman. But it could also be the work of the international media. With so much attention brought to the Sarkozy-Bruni marriage and other dramatic events, it’s not really a surprise that Mrs. Bruni-Sarkozy has once again returned to the limelight. Sarkozy has refused to comment on the issue.

If you are a true Carla Bruni fan, you can watch the video of the Christie’s auction on the BBC website.

New French bill passed to allow super-models to smoke in public

We all know Carla Bruni has been causing a nice stir in France. The ex-supermodel and singer recently married French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and things in the Palais de l’Elysée haven’t been the same since.

Taking advantage of her role as First Lady, Bruni-Sarkozy recently lobbied for legislation regarding French super-models smoking in public. Since January 2008 smoking in public has been banned in France, completely changing the local bistro culture. What stereoptypical French image doesn’t contain a cigarette?

Unfortunately, the ban has had a negative effect on some of France’s most beloved objects; super-models. Smoking suppresses hunger, something French super-models rely upon to keep their svelte figures. Bruni-Sarkozy — who easily associates with her supermodel comrades — took on the task of lobbying the French government to alter the ban to allow for super-models to smoke in public.

“This has nothing to do with general public health; these super-models are France’s national symbol and we can’t have them gaining weight just because they have an extra urge for a croissant. Allowing super-models to smoke is a way of preserving France’s sexy image,” said Bruni-Sarkozy in an official statement. Tu as tout à fait raison Carla!

Nude photos of French First Lady spice up Sarkozy’s official UK visit

Carla Bruni: she might be an attractive wife, but she certainly does stir things up for her husband, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

She recently posed for popular men’s magazine GQ, reminding us all that the First Lady is most definitely very attractive. Those super-model roots are causing a bit of havoc this week as Sarkozy makes his first official UK visit. Why? Because the official visit is taking place only one day after famous auction house Christie’s announced that it would be selling nude photographs of Bruni, taking by photographer Michael Comte in 1993.

Although Sarkozy is on an official mission — there are important questions to discuss like China, Afghanistan and Franco-UK relations — it is unclear whether it will be politics or sex that will draw more media attention.

Who’s that hot woman? It’s the First Lady of France

Just when you thought Sarkozy drama (he’s the much talked about French president, remember???) couldn’t get any better, his wife Carla Bruni goes and poses nude for the April 2008 issue of GQ Magazine.

Can you imagine any other First Lady posing sexily for a men’s magazine? Oh la France, how you spice up the world.

Sarkozy may have bad manners, but I think his wife one-ups him on scandal. Leave it to the French to make presidential politics très risqué.