Photo of the Day (10.11.09)

Truly great architecture has its own personality. The best buildings are not merely structures with walls, doors and windows. They tell you something about how they were made and the character of the places they were built. When I saw Flickr user scottmschutlz’s playful photo, I immediately knew it was taken at Gaudi’s Casa Milà in Barcelona. The fluid curves of the cement and quirky human-like face of this sculpture tip their hat to the whimsical, artistic traditions of this favorite Spanish city.

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Photo of the Day (06/02/08)

Today’s Photo of the Day comes from Flickr user He calls it: “Chimneys, Casa Milà, Barcelona, Spain” and after researching a bit, I discovered that it’s a Gaudi designed building that is now a World Heritage site and it’s obviously most famous for the quite spectacular roof and chimneys.

I’m not sure if he used a filter, or if he warmed it up digitally, but either way, it’s amazing. Oh, and just in case someone suspects I’m losing interest in aviation themed pictures for the Photo of the Day, note the tiny contrail of a jet in the middle of the picture.

Nicely done, Tyson!

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