New airport opens in Spain

Last Sunday travelers to Spain got a new flight option–an airport in Lleida (also known as Lérida) in Cataluña.

Lleida is an ancient town, founded in prehistoric times and boasting the typical Spanish attractions of historic buildings, modernist architecture, museums, good food, and a fun nightlife. Of particular interest is the 12th century Romanesque Church of Sant Llorenç with its elegant altarpieces. Atop a nearby hill is the Templar castle of Gardeny, built in the same century.

The airport officially opened Sunday with the landing of a special Airbus A320 Vueling flight from Barcelona. Vueling will start commercial flights on February 5 to Paris and Palma de Mallorca.

The government also hopes travelers to nearby Andorra will use the airport. They estimate 50,000 travelers will use the airport in its first year.

Photo of the Day (10.11.09)

Truly great architecture has its own personality. The best buildings are not merely structures with walls, doors and windows. They tell you something about how they were made and the character of the places they were built. When I saw Flickr user scottmschutlz’s playful photo, I immediately knew it was taken at Gaudi’s Casa Milà in Barcelona. The fluid curves of the cement and quirky human-like face of this sculpture tip their hat to the whimsical, artistic traditions of this favorite Spanish city.

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