Gadling Podcasts

As I was writing the last post, I started to
think to myself that a lot of folks probably don’t know we’ve done a fair number of podcasts here. I’ve got some ideas
for new ones we’ll likely be producing here shortly, but I figured I’d remind folks that there are several good ones
already available that you might be interested in. The list of folks we’ve talked to is rather eclectic, from the
well-known diver and star of Undersea Detectives, John
, to undersea explorer Fabien Cousteau and,
most recently Josh Davis, author of
The Underdog.

And we are also on
, so feel free to subscribe for your

And if you’re interested in any of our other previous podcasts besides those mentioned above, here
is a quick list:

     — James O’Reilly, Executive Editor of Traveler’s Tales
     — Lonely Planet’s Don

     — Eric
, kayaker and the author of Keep Australia on Your Left
     — Jim Benning, co-editor of the online travel site
     — Dean
and Kristine Enea, travel authors
     — Cafe Reggio