“Bomb” bag passes through security at Brisbane airport

When a large bag with the word “bomb” written on it passes through airport check-in without question, there’s got to be a problem with their security system. This is exactly what happened at Brisbane’s Domestic Airport at a Qantas counter, ultimately causing a 40 minute delay.

The bag was only questioned once the baggage handlers saw the “bomb” bag and raised an alarm. The bag, still unscreened (!), was then dragged through the populated airport before it was opened and checked. Fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm.

This made me think: 1) Why would anyone choose to travel with a bag that has “bomb” written on it? 2) How on earth could that be missed on check-in, and then dragged through the airport without being screened first? What if there really was a bomb in it?

Anyway, the case has been referred to the police and the Transport Worker’s Union at the Brisbane airport have demanded an investigation of the airport’s security system.

Remote Bag Check-in at LAX

In an effort to ease congestion and help travelers, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is experimenting with remote bag check-in, at locations around the city. The month-old program is apparently working well, and they’re adding locations.

The service, provided by BAGS, Inc., includes getting airline boarding passes and bag check in, for up to two bags, for between $10-15 per person. At the check-in locations, shuttle bus service ($6 round trip) is available to take you right to LAX. You can then proceed through security and right to your gate.

Check-in locations include the Van Nuys FlyAway bus terminal in the San Fernando Valley, the Union Station FlyAway bus stop at Patsaouras Transit Center, the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center. They hope to expand the program to major hotels as well.

Unfortunately, it’s only available to U.S. destinations at this time, and the airlines are limited to major U.S. carriers.

If this does expand to hotels and other locations, this would be a good way of avoiding nightmarish check-in lines, although you’re still stuck in security lines.