Skooba Design announces new line of checkpoint friendly laptop bags

When the TSA relaxed its rules for laptop scanning back in 2008, Skooba Design was one of the first to bring a checkpoint friendly back to the market. Since then, they have been churning out a great assortment of bags, including the newest from their lineup – the Checkthrough Executive Brief.

This bag builds off the success of their orginal Checkthrough bag, adding a whole host of new features. Of course, the most important feature on their bags is their laptop screening compartment. To speed things up at the checkpoint, you simply unzip the laptop portion, and unfold it. A clear window shows the TSA agent that a laptop is in the bag, and since nothing is placed in front of, or behind the laptop, it can stay in its bag, well away from clumsy screeners who may drop it (or worse).

The bag is available in small (for machines up to 15″) or large (for machines up to 17″). In addition to the laptop compartment, the bag also offers about 2-dozen other pockets and compartments. One pocket is designed specifically for your passport and travel documents. Another pocket holds USB thumb drives. Other features include lockable zippers and a strap to attach the bag to a rolling case.

The small Checkthrough Executive Brief retails for $149.99 and the large is just ten Dollars more. Both bags are available at

One special design feature worth some extra attention is that Skooba Design Checkthrough bags are the only Rapiscan Tested bags on the market – this means that they have been tested by one of the companies that provides x-ray machines to airports. With this testing, you can be sure that the only reason a TSA agent doesn’t cooperate is because they don’t know their own rules.


Lightweight security friendly rolling case – Gadling reviews the Case Logic 22″ upright roller

Innovations in rolling luggage are pretty rare – mainly because there is very little left to innovate with. Thankfully, something new does pop up every now and then, like in the new Case Logic 22″ Upright Lightweight rolling case.

This good looking piece of luggage is two things in one – a lightweight rolling case and a TSA checkpoint friendly laptop bag.

The model I am reviewing is in the gold color version – which is a very striking color, and something that is bound to help make finding your bag much easier.

The checkpoint friendly part of this bag consists of a laptop sleeve that slides into the front pocket. The sleeve will hold laptops up to 16″, and when inserted into the bag, it provides a decent amount of padding for your computer. Because the sleeve has nothing obstructing the images of an X-Ray machine, you won’t have to remove your laptop for inspection (unless requested to do so). The top of the sleeve has 2 handles making it easier to pull out of your bag.

The inside of the bag is nothing special – there are several zippered pockets and the usual compression straps. The frame of the bag is made of lightweight EVA molded plastic, which helps keep the weight down to 7 lbs 13 oz. The wheels are positioned on the outer corners, reducing the space they take up inside the main compartment.

The zippered expansion system adds two inches of additional storage space, just keep in mind that a fully expanded and packed bag may not fit in the overhead, forcing you to check it.

A zippered water bottle pocket lets you pull your bag around, giving you a spare hand for making the obligatory loud phone call when strolling through the airport.

All in all a very well designed piece of luggage – the build quality feels good, the wheels are nice and smooth, and the retracting handle doesn’t feel like it’ll break after your first trip.

I’m especially enamored with the color and the laptop sleeve. Being able to store your laptop in a checkpoint friendly pouch, leave you with more room in your second carry-on item. Of course, the laptop sleeve will take up some space in the main compartment of the bag, but that is a trade-off you’ll have to make. Best of all – it’ll reduce the weight of your second bag, something your shoulders will thank you for.

PROS: Integrated laptop carrying sleeve, bright color, expandable, ten year warranty

CONS: Zippered expansion system instead of locking mechanism

The Case Logic 22″ Lightweight Expandable Upright Roller retails for $179.99 and is available in black, grey and gold. The bag is available directly from Case Logic or from your favorite luggage retailer (where you may find it for around $150). The bag comes with a ten year warranty.