Proposed China hotel shaped like ping pong paddle

File this under: Weird ideas that surprisingly make sense.

Only in China would a hotel designed in the shape of a ping pong paddle be been proposed as part of a sports complex. The new China hotel, located in the eastern city of Huainan, would cost approximately $46 million, the China Daily reports.

Located in $276 million sports complex, the hotel will feature three main sections:

The “handle” will be an observation deck and viewing platform. The “paddle” will include the guestrooms The “base” will include conference facilities.

The main sports complex will also include other sports-shaped buildings. An open-air stadium will be in the form of a football (no team affiliation denoted) and three other facilities inside the complex will represent soccer, basketball and volleyball. The newspaper says the timeline for completion of the sports complex is still five years away.

No word on whether or not restaurants and bars will be included in the hotel design, but we predict a great game of beer pong when the doors open.