Olympics inspired congratulatory bouquets– Chinese style

Perhaps watching the Olympics has inspired you to congratulate the athletes in your life–or someone else with a spiffy accomplishment. Here’s an idea that has an Olympics and Chinese-flavored twist.

You could give the person a bouquet of flowers with Chinese symbolism. Jim Wells wrote a post on Flora2000’s blog that outlines just what you need.

  • You’ve probably noticed that the bouquets handed out during the medal ceremonies are red. Red is the color of good luck. Pink and yellow represent happiness.
  • The presenters also offer the bouquets with both hands which is the Chinese tradition.
  • If there is a congratulation note, it’s never written in red ink.
  • Also, eight is a lucky number, so eight flowers would be terrific.
  • Don’t give only four though, because four is unlucky.
  • Although yellow is a color for happiness, don’t give a yellow chrysanthemum–or a white one. Those are only used for funerals.

Jim’s recommendation for a perfect bouquet is one made of white and pink Oriental lilies and red roses. To be ultra classy, he says to give flowers from Europe. They are quite popular in China these days.

(At the time Jim wrote his post, Michael Phelps only had 5 gold medals. Weren’t those races something to watch?)