Wild West World: A Brand New Theme Park

In Columbus, Ohio, the small theme park/water park combo Wyondotte Lake closed down at the end of last year. It was bought by the next door Columbus Zoo. I think that’s what happened. I think the plan is to build another theme park/water park or just a water park.. Now, there are bulldozers and the traffic route in and out of the zoo has been altered for the adjustments. It’s slated to open next year. I think.

While my details about what exactly is happening with my own city’s up and coming tourist attraction are sketchy at best, I do know about Witchita, Kansas’s latest.

Wild West World opened this past May. This is a brand spankin’ new place with rides and attractions that center around a cowboy style theme. It makes sense since Kansas at one time was part of the Wild West. The real reason I’d go here this summer is because of the China Wuquio Acrobats. This 10- person team is performing throughout the summer to the end of August.

I think I saw this group perform at Magic Mountain when I was visiting a friend in California. This acrobat team was well worth the admission price to Magic Mountain. Wild West World’s admission is reasonable, I think. It’s $25.50 for adults and $20.50 for kids under 48 inches. Here’s a link to printable coupons for reduced admission.

As an interesting cross cultural aside I discovered. The Prairie Rose Wranglers are singing here on the 4th of July. This is a group that sings cowboy western favorites. According to their website, they toured China last year. So China sends acrobats and we sent cowboys and both groups are meeting up in Kansas. The world is truly facinating.