Auctioning a family heirloom for a cause: With this Ring Project

It’s true that it takes very little to make a difference in people’s lives. A few thousand dollars could either cover a fraction of an American wedding, or stretch pretty far in philanthropic work in places like Nepal, Mexico, or Ecuador.

Or in this case, both at once.

Starting January 1st, a serious blind-the-wedding-party diamond ring is going up for bid on With This Ring‘s website for five weeks. The project’s founder, Chris Ammon, inherited it – but as beautiful as it is, it’s not her style.

What’s a philanthropic gal of the world to do? Chris is auctioning it off and donating the money to eight international grassroots projects that she’s personally been touched by — including quilt making in Nepal that helps send kids to school, veterinary assistance in Mexico, and schooling for low-income children in Ecuador.

If you’re in the market for a ring, this is one for the record books – a platinum setting, with an emerald-cut 2.75 ct. main diamond and smaller diamonds on the side. Its estimated value is $22,000.

You can place your own bid for the ring on the website’s blog until February 7th.