An exhibit on war correspondents at NYC’s Cheryl Pelavin Gallery

There are still a few days left for what sounds like a cool exhibit at the Cheryl Pelavin Gallery in lower Manhattan, if you find yourself in New York City.

Artist Cindy Kane asked 50 war correspondents to hand over whatever memorabilia they might have from their times in conflict zones. Using handwritten notes, press cards, visas and postcards, Kane has decorated 50 helmets, one for each correspondent.

They hang like so many mobiles from the gallery’s ceiling.

“The overall feeling as one walks through the space is one of reflection. The helmets have been used in battles, and the journalists’ notes record the despair of people trapped by war, poverty, and political oppression,” Kane says on her Web site.

There are a lot of well known war correspondents represented, from old timers like Ward Just to current staffers from various newspapers, like Dana Priest of the Washington Post and Steven Erlanger of the New York Times.

I’d love to check this exhibit out. Sadly, it ends on April 25. If you’re around Tribeca, stop by and have a look.