Cirque Dreams Travels The Country, Tours Military Bases Worldwide

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The first-ever Cirque Dreams World Tour performed at 17 U.S. military bases throughout ten countries in January. Now, Cirque Dreams Holidaze promises to light up the 2012 holiday season transforming stages at five military bases in Korea and across the United States into a magical holiday wonderland.

This is not your mother’s Christmas pageant either. The traditional elements are there but that’s about where tradition ends. Gingerbread men flip in mid air and toy soldiers march on thin wires. Snowmen, icemen, penguins, Christmas tree ornaments and dancing puppets all come to life to an original music score.

Honoring tradition, seasonal favorites accompany hundreds of astonishing costumes and holiday dreams in a setting of gigantic gifts, colossal candy canes and 30-foot towering soldiers creating a wonderland of spectacle.

Fans won’t have to travel far to see the international cast of multi-talented and brilliantly costumed artists come to life and perform astonishing feats of disbelief.

The Cirque Dreams Holidaze U.S. tour begins on November 13 in Abilene, Texas, then travels up the West Coast, down through the Midwest, into the South and ends in Schenectady, New York, on December 30.

Here’s a preview:

Cirque Dreams’ stable of popular shows include Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams Illumination, Cirque Dreams & Dinner onboard Norwegian Epic and upcoming Norwegian Breakaway, Cirque Dreams Rocks, and Cirque Dreams Holidaze, now in its fourth consecutive touring season and success from The Kennedy Center.

[Photo Credit: Cirque Productions]

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy goes 3D planet-wide

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy 3DMore than 50 million people world-wide have traveled the globe to see ultra-quality Cirque productions in theaters, Las Vegas casinos, theme parks, at sea and on Broadway. Cirque took Broadway by storm in 2008 as the only circus/cirque show of its kind. Now, Neil Goldberg’s Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy production joins with stereoscopic pioneer N4D to create a never-before-seen spectacle.

Cirque will incorporate Atlanta-based N4D’s patented technologies to create a variety of layers and textures both on and off the stage that previously never existed that they claim will “reinvent the current dimensions of theater.”

“Since 1993, audiences have come to expect Cirque Dreams’ artistry to unfold live, right before their eyes-pop off stage and soar through the air while defying gravity with limitless imagination.” Goldberg said “Adding the new dimension available through stereoscopic visualization implemented with unique N4D technology will not only heighten the experience, but will also create a sense of intimacy that brings live artistry and audiences together as one.”

To be unveiled in 2013, count on some spectacular productions as Cirque founder Neil Goldberg and N4D CEO Cliff Parker join forces to bring a never-before-seen spectacular to the stage.

This should be something to see.

Photo: Cirque Productions