CNN Explains Why Sex Is Better In Hotels

When a CNN writer published a piece on CNN Travel on why hotel sex is better, editors later went into the piece and changed her name and removed her picture. And that makes perfect sense to me -– sex lives, including where they flourish, are usually classified as private information. But talking about sex publicly can make for good advice, or at least a decent read.

With a pen name for a byline, the author’s list of reasons why sex is better in hotels is good. As a regular traveler, I agree with the romantic novelty the author places on hotels. Bland as they can be, they’re not home. Her reasons why hotel sex is better include the ability to engage in wild(er) sex, get a better night’s sleep, enjoy a “dignified” breakfast in the morning, eye sexy strangers in the lobby while working, and not feel obligated to engage in the domestic volleying that often overwhelms the atmosphere of a home. Read the full story here.

Thrill-Seeking Surfer Rides Glacial Waves (VIDEO)

Record-smashing surfer Garrett McNamara has long been known for adrenaline-seeking stunts. Always chasing what he calls “the rush,” he is perhaps best known for riding the biggest ocean wave, a 78-foot mammoth in Portugal. But in a recent CNN report, McNamara says it’s difficult to get that rush anymore now that he’s felt the thrill of riding a glacial wave, what might be one of the most death-defying extreme sports ever dreamed up.

McNamara became the first man to ride a glacial swell in 2007 with some help from Kealii Mamala, who towed him on a jet ski (it’s not technically cheating, the practice is known as “tow-surfing”). In a test of patience, the duo waited in freezing waters for 20 hours a day over the course of an entire week until a chunk of ice fell off a 300-foot glacier, creating a nine-story wave. McNamara tells CNN riding the wave was “mind-bending,” and has since found it difficult to “get that rush in the ocean.”

Watch the video above, but be warned: the videographer is in such shock that it’s happening, he can’t help but yell obscenities.

Feminists Protest Barbie ‘Dreamhouse’ In Berlin

Barbie’s Eurotrip hit a roadblock at its first stop in Germany, where an activist group caused quite a production at the opening of a touring Barbie “Dreamhouse.” CNN is reporting a group of left-wing feminists, Femen, protested the opening of a 27,000-square-foot pink mansion earlier today in Berlin, arguing the attraction puts the sexism and shallow materialism they believe Barbie symbolizes on display.

Above is a picture of one of the bare-breasted protesters in front of the Dreamhouse. An inscription across her torso reads “Life in Plastic is Not Fantastic,” and – in case you can’t tell – she’s holding up a burning cross with a charred Barbie doll attached to it. Protesters were arrested, but the movement led to an “Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse” page on Facebook, which already has thousands of “likes.”

Located off the shopping district of Alexanderplatz, the life-sized mansion is full of Barbie-related fashions, furniture and accessories. It will be open to the public until August 25, at which point it’s slotted to move on to other cities throughout Europe. A Dreamhouse also opened inside a Florida shopping mall last week.

Look Out For Goats At Chicago O’Hare

Twenty-five to 30 goats will soon start grazing at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The animals will help landscape 120 acres of foliage, including space near creeks and hill areas that are difficult for groundskeepers to maintain, CNN is reporting.

According to the news outlet, the city announced the plan on Wednesday as part of a two-year contract for “sustainable vegetation management grazing services” that will help them reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions. To make sure the goats don’t get too close to runways, they will be separated from the airfield by security fencing and will remain supervised while on airport property.

CNN reports other airports that have brought goats in to landscape have seen mixed results. In San Francisco, goats are successfully used two to three weeks each summer to clear vegetation, which allows the airport to clear a firebreak without interrupting some endangered species that call the area home. But in Seattle, goats came and went within a week in 2008 because they were too effective, eating everything in sight – including native plants the airport wanted to protect.

Chicago’s herd is expected to arrive in about a month. Look out for them as you take off and land at the airport.

[Photo credit: Armin Kübelbeck / Wikimedia Commons]

Rain, Snow Snarls Flights Nationwide

Bad weather has put a damper on air traffic in the Midwest and Southwest, causing hundreds of cancellations nationwide.

At O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, more than 300 flights were canceled because of strong rainstorms, and at Denver International Airport, more than 400 flights were grounded due to a snowstorm forecast to dump 7 inches of snow on the Mile-High City, CNN is reporting.

Both these terminals are amongst the top five contenders on the list of busiest airports in the U.S., meaning the cancellations are sure to reverberate throughout the country. Stranded travelers should check out this list of handy smartphone apps that can help fliers check statuses, rebook or even find fun ways to pass the time while stuck at airports.

[Photo by Flickr user CameliaTWU]