Photo of the Day (8.29.10)

You never know what you’ll find when you wander. An unexpected conversation. A strange sight. Maybe you’ll even stumble upon a pink street, like Flickr user Michael Joseph Goldst…etc found in today’s photo from Bogota, Colombia. The bright pastel walls pocked with graffiti, atmospheric cobblestones and mysterious dark suited man make for an intriguing image. Wondering what else lies down this odd little alleyway? You’ll have to wander down to Colombia to found out for yourself.

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Photo of the Day (6.01.08)

Local markets are an eternal source of curiosity for many travelers. Exotic smells, strange sounds and all sorts of unfamiliar produce make food markets around the world a must-see destination for the culinary-inclined. Markets are also great photo spots too, as Flickr user Theodore Scott illustrates in this shot from the Sacred Valley in Peru. The bright colors of the vegetables on the tarp along with the movement of the women as they hustle about certainly piqued my interest. Theodore, did you have a chance to try any of the tomatoes? I wonder if they were any good.

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