Giant colon opens in Canada

A forty-foot long colon big enough to walk through is touring Canada.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the diseased byproduct of eating too much poutine; it’s actually an educational exhibit set up by the Ministry of Health, the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, and Long-Term Care and Cancer Care Ontario. The display, which looks like a disturbing take on the traditional bouncy castle, is an innovative way to teach Canadians about the diseases of the colon.

The Giant Colon is an inflatable tube that illustrates what various colon diseases look like. Video monitors show lectures by “Dr. Preventino”, a medical muppet who guides you through the display and dispenses tips on keeping your colon healthy. The focus is on colorectal cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer death in Canada. This type of cancer is easily preventable with proper diet and regular exercise. The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada has an informative FAQ here, and tips on how a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of cancer here.

The show has been making the rounds in Canada for a few years now and is currently in Waterloo, Ontario. You can take a video tour of the Giant Colon here.%Gallery-73512%