Colorado ski resort to be auctioned off

A Colorado ski resort will hit the auction block later this summer, giving aspiring resort moguls the opportunity to live out their fantasies. It was announced earlier this week that Powderhorn ski area, located in Grand Junction, would go up for sale on August 4th, and includes 1600 skiable acres, four lifts, a separate lodge and inn, as well as several maintenance buildings.

Representatives for the resort say that it does a healthy, profitable business, and that this isn’t a “distress sale.” Instead, the two owners, who are in their 70’s are looking to retire, and pass on the business to someone else. They claim that the ski area receives approximately 75,000 visitors per year, with roughly 2500 to 3000 season pass owners.

Powderhorn sits in prime ski country and offers a vertical drop of 1650 feet, as well as a summit elevation of 9850 feet. It also averages more than 220 inches of snow each year, which means there is plenty of the white stuff to go around when the ski season is in full swing.

Putting the resort up for auction with no minimum bid is a bit risky. After all, there is the chance that someone could get it on the cheap. But it is estimated that its price will rise into the millions of dollars range fairly easily, especially considering there are 500 more acres of untapped terrain right next door, that are just waiting to be added to the park.

Does anyone want to start pooling our money now? We have until August 4th to raise enough cash. I’ll start taking my lunch to work and skipping happy hour just to have a little extra dough. Who’s with me?

[Photo credit: Charles J Sharp via WikiMedia]