Paris Raises $42 million to keep out McDonald’s and other Pop Ilk

Every few months we revisit the “cultural invasion” theme here at Gadling. You know the one: an angry populace somewhere on the other side of the planet fighting against the arrival of a Starbucks or McDonald’s and the subsequent death of local culture which will arise as a result.

This week, we cruise on over to Paris, France (big surprise!) where local Parisians are battling the onslaught of foreign pop culture in their own special way. The concern here is for the future of the bohemian Left Bank. This swath of bookstores and cafes is practically hallowed ground in the French capital; the arrival of a McDonald’s would be almost sacrilegious.

To prevent this from happening, the local city council has established a fund of more than $42 million to prevent large corporations from muscling in. The money is to subsidize the sale of any building in the area so that only bookstores, cinemas, and other bohemian ventures can purchase the property and move in. Large companies will simply be barred from the market.

I rather like this idea! I’m not sure it’s legal, but I fully support the cause nonetheless. Viva la bookstore! Death to Ronald McDonald! Or, something like that.