Don’t forget! Five things in your purse or bag that TSA will confiscate

As the holidays come to a close, it’s time to line up for the TSA again. As the rules and regulations shift and change, it’s always a good idea to check TSA’s latest rules before you leave for the airport. Often, something the TSA has dubbed “nefarious” has made its way into your purse or carry-on bag without your even realizing it. And, if you’re trying to save money by not checking baggage, you may have a gift in there that’s going to get unceremoniously confiscated.

Here are five things you may have forgotten are in your purse or bag:

  1. Hand Sanitizer or lotion
  2. Wine Key/Opener or a bottle of wine or booze, if someone gifted you
  3. Suntan Lotion (depending where you’ve been)
  4. Jams/Jellies (pie is okay)
  5. Lighters with fuel

Fly safe and have a Happy New Year.