Conrad Anker Climbing Everest 1920s-Style

British mountaineer George (“Because it is there”) Mallory died on Mt. Everest in 1924. Though no one knows for sure whether he and his climbing partner, Andrew Irvine, summited the world’s tallest mountain, some have speculated that the pair — wearing gabardine, wool, cotton, and silk — were woefully unprepared to tackle the extreme temperatures there.

Now, a team of climbers — led by American Conrad Anker, who found Mallory’s body in 1999 — is trying to retrace their steps as closely as possible. In addition to using the same kinds of gear that Mallory used, replica clothes have been made especially for the modern-day climbers. Back in 1924, Mallory wore a Burberry suit over a woollen vest as well as a fur-lined motorcycle helmet and hobnail boots. Anker and his team are dressed the same way.

A documentary of the climb is being made. Though no modern-day climbing gear will be shown on the film, I doubt they’ll be shooting in B&W.

[Via Get Outdoors]