Having problems contacting Skybus? This should help

“Travel troubleshooter” Christopher Elliot has been fielding customer concerns about new low-cost carrier Skybus since the airline’s first day in the skies. The big concern is that Skybus claims it has no customer service department (a reason why their costs are so low), so instead they offer a “more convenient” website to deal with issues, presumably. Problem is, Skybus rarely — if ever — responds to customer emails, and people are mad.

“But here are the facts: there is considerable evidence that Skybus is not reading customer e-mails,” Christopher writes. “My ‘in’ box is filled with Skybus complaints. And there is overwhelming evidence that it does have phones, despite its insistence to the contrary.”

So Elliot took matters into his own hands and posted the names, phone numbers, and email addresses (which you can find after the jump) of the top 5 executives at SkyBus. Maybe this will get their attention. “I have their cell phone numbers, too,” he warns. “I’m not going to publish them. Yet.”

Bill Diffenderffer
Chief executive officer
(614) 947-3103

Ken Gile
President and chief operating officer
(614) 947-3104

Charlie Clifton
Vice chairman
(614) 947-3105

Judy Timberlake
VP of Marketing
(614) 947-3041

Denis Carvil
Vice president, ground and airports
(614) 947-3375