Lose the Bulky Wallet: Consolidating Credit Cards into one Cool Device

If you’re like me, you’ve got far too many cards in your wallet. Wouldn’t it be easier to get ride of all but one, a magical card which assumes the identity of all your other cards?

Well, the iCache is on its way.

This small electronic device electronically stores information from all the magnetic strip cards in your wallet. Any time you need to use one, you pick what you want from the screen and a plastic card temporarily loaded with the pertinent information slides out of the contraption. It is good for one swipe and then the information is stripped from the card and it returns into the iCache.

The coolest thing is that one cannot access the device until the correct thumbprint is scanned.

The device itself is about the size of a small cell phone, so it really won’t cut down on space–especially if you’re a guy and will be carrying it around in your pocket. Personally, I think I’ll pass for now. But once they figure out how to do this with my cell phone, I’m on board!

Flight 001 Looking for Ground Crew

We are by no means a job board here at Gadling, but occasionally we’ll see something that could be of interest to our travel feigning readers and from there we blog about it. Depending on where you land a career in the travel industry it is either a blessing or a hellish nightmare. I like to imagine working where the perks are many and woes are few. I’d never want to be a TSA screener and while I never made a stellar salesperson, I wouldn’t mind applying for a gig at Flight 001. The online travel shopping portal is looking for ground crew at their east coast, west coast, and Midwest locations. That gives almost anyone with a knack for ringing in the sales an opportunity to get in on what seems like a pretty happening place to work. Even if only for the holiday season so you can stash some extra cash and break for Brazil after you’ve saved enough, but don’t go in there talking like that. Chances are you won’t get the job. Go figure.

Flight 001 is currently seeking Sales Crew and Store Leaders at various NY and CA locations. Their headquarters is in need of a Buying Office Assistant and Staff Accountant.