Keep cords organized with TP rolls – Hotel tip

Keep your power cords — and your sanity! — in check by using the cardboard from paper towel or toilet paper rolls to organize all your electronics’ cords. To make a “cord minder” for each of your gadgets, follow these steps:

  1. cut a piece of cardboard tube to size
  2. cut a notch at each end to “hold” the ends (USB head or plug)
  3. stuff the cord inside the tube, leaving the ends wedged into the notches (add a rubber band for more security)
  4. mark each tube’s contents and place all cords in a plastic bag

When you arrive at your destination, grab the tubes you need and leave the rest in the bag. Rather than having numerous power cords draped around the room, the cords will be contained neatly in the tubes.

Bonus: if you see a toilet paper tube when packing to leave, it’s probably yours. [Photo: Flickr | Andres Rueda]